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What is Robot Framework?

            Robot Framework is an automation software for mobile applications. It is a basic test platform using selenium. It contains solid functionalities and third party libraries which are already implemented. Implementations like written logs, reports, screenshots, integration tools and mathematical functions.

               The basic knowledge of mobile platform like mobile operating system, device types and different types of mobile applications is enough to take Robot Framework. Robotic Framework was build and developed by Pekka Klarck in the year of 2008. In Robot Framework tabular forms are written in plain text, HTML, TSV (Tab Separated Values) or reST (restructured Text) etc. Robot Framework is useful in running web development on its products.

The tester can develop the tabular data using keywords, which are independent of the test automation framework or any other tool.

Advantages of Robot Framework Job Support:

Robot Framework has many features and advantages in automation software platform. Those advantages are helpful in automation case test and quick proficient fashion. Some main advantages of Robot Framework are mentioned below.

  • Non-technical people who does not have any programmatic knowledge can also take Robot Framework.
  • It is very easy to learn.
  • Implementation in Robot Framework are very easy.
  • Robot Framework contains high level of architecture.
  • Robot Framework contains simple tabular syntax.
  • Robot Framework has individual test Data Editor.
  • Reports of Robot Framework are very clear data.
  • Comparing cost of developing Hybrid application is less or equal with developing Native application.
  • To reduce cost of developing applications developer can use cross platforms.
  • Robot Framework platform maintenance is very simple.
  • It provides tagging for arrangement and selecting test cases, which are to be executed.
  • In different testing situations, Robot Framework has in built support for variables.
  • Robot Framework allows even management and keyword driven test.
  • In data driven test, testing is easily integrated.
  • Robot Framework is useful in developing language and integration.
  • Using plain English commands user can write Robot Framework test cases.

Overview of Robot Framework Job support:

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